Our mission is to bring unique and memorable stories to life, to nurture our writers, and to encourage others to walk the path of creativity.



Elephant House Press is an independent publishing business in South Australia.


We look for unique stories with unforgettable characters who stay in one’s heart long after the book has been closed. 

Our dream is to help other writers fulfill their dreams and to nurture them on their journeys through publication, collaborating with them to ensure their story comes to life on the page.

Elephant House Press opens for submissions between 1 January 2020 to 29 February 2020. 

We accept unsolicited manuscripts under a traditional publishing agreement. 

We are interested in young adult fiction, or adult fiction including fantasy, romance, science fiction, historical fiction, crime/suspense, and Christian fiction. We also accept children's books*


We are interested in selected non-fiction subjects, poetry, and/or memoirs*


Elephant House Press does not publish horror, erotica, academia, or history (historical fiction excluded). We do not accept manuscripts with excessive and/or unneeded coarse language and adult content. 


Manuscript Formatting Guidelines:

  • Typed (Word.doc)

  • Garamond (12pt) font

  • 1.5 line spacing

  • Pages should be numbered


  • Manuscript Submission Application - Download Here 

  • Synopsis (300 words)

  • First three chapters of Manuscript


Email application, synopsis and first three chapters of manuscript to elephanthousepress@gmail.com 

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