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An Interview with Karah Clinton

author of "Odette's Patchwork Cloak"

Inside the life of Jacquelane Cox

author of "Remember When"

Kelly Irving


An Interview with Grinling Grogan

author of "Rolo Garbardine & His 3rd Eye"


Children's Literature


Interview with Karah Clinton


I can't recall a time throughout my childhood when I wasn't writing something, but I'd say around 7-8 years old.


I always loved writing but it wasn't until I was about 12 that I realised that being an author could be an occupation. I wrote in my primary school graduation bio that I wanted to be an author.


My favourite book growing up would have to be anything Goosebumps by R.L.Stine. Especially the choose your own story versions which had multiple endings. 


Thank you. I am definitely open to the idea but have nothing planned at the moment. Maybe a new story starring Odette?


I am still currently chipping away at a novel I am working on, which is a story of a girl who is choosing between two guys. The story has an underlying exploration of the line between mental illness and emotional abuse.


My advice to young writers is to exercise your talent every day, or at least as much as you possibly can. If you don't use it, you can lose it. Also, stay true to yourself and your inner voice.

Odette's Patchwork Cloak Cover.jpg

Inside the life of Jacquelane Cox

I was born in a village where story-telling is a way of life. For many of the children, experiencing a movie can only sometimes come from hearing someone else who was fortunate enough to have money to see it. So we shared and re-told movies; children passing on legends! 

I moved to Sydney when I was nine years old, and began a whole new adventure. In year five, my teacher encouraged my love for writing and reading. I wrote in secret and hid my stories. But after finishing my Business degree, I was restless and took up a writing course on the side for fun! I found my love again! I wrote more stories but still kept them to myself. Still afraid to let other others know, afraid of rejection. 

But it was through making connections with other writers that I truly allowed myself to become a writer, learning from those who have already been published and those who simply love to write. As I submit stories, I continue to learn and continue to write, now confident to call myself a "writer". In the meantime, I write snippets about my life or share interesting pieces I find on the internet on my Facebook Page ( 
“Remember When” is based on my two grandmothers now at rest, having left me wishing I had done things better - had I understood better! And in this story I find redemption through the innocence and unconditional love of a child for a grandmother; and in the hope that this story may help others be more understanding as they cherish their loved ones towards the end . . .  and beyond. 

"Remember When" will be released November 2019


Interview with Grinling Grogan

INTERVIEWER:   Right Grinling, tell us a little about yourself!

GG:   The good stuff you mean?


GG:   All the celebrity or even non entity like me type interviews don’t ask questions like ‘what was the nastiest thing you did recently?’ or ‘did you really deliberately forget all your relatives’ birthdays?’ do they?

INTERVIEWER:   OK, the good stuff.

GG:   I grew up in Adelaide, got an M.A. from Adelaide University, and live in Adelaide now - but in between I was mostly overseas.

INTERVIEWER:   Where did you go?

GG:   First I went to Scotland and ended up working in a brewery in Edinburgh.

INTERVIEWER:   That must have been interesting?

GG:    It was, sort of.

INTERVIEWER:   And what did you do after that?

GG:   Went down to London and did loads of different jobs.

INTERVIEWER:   Like what?

GG:   Government ones mainly. The last one I did was an ‘accompanier’.

INTERVIEWER:   Who did you ‘accompany’?

GG:   A blind civil servant with a Labrador. I’d sit around reading while the dog slept, and when the officer wanted to go to the toilet or go off to get some lunch the dog and I would accompany them.

INTERVIEWER:   Into the toilet?

GG:   Come on!

INTERVIEWER:   I was only asking!

GG:   I didn’t do anything and the pay was alright, what else can you ask for? 

INTERVIEWER:   OK, where else did you travel?

GG:   I had the privilege of visiting the Trans Dniester Republic.

INTERVIEWER:   What’s that?

GG:   Best vodka in the world republic, it’s in between Ukraine and Moldova.

INTERVIEWER:   I must go there!

INTERVIEWER:   And, what made you write “Rolo Gabardine and the 3rd Eye”?

GG:   Dunno.

INTERVIEWER:   You dunno?

GG:   Yup. I woke up one day and out came the book.  

INTERVIEWER:   That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

GG:   But, I had the benefit of a rural SA children’s writer help me re-write it.

INTERVIEWER:   That made the difference then?

GG:   It surely did.

INTERVIEWER:   What do you like best about living in Adelaide again?

GG:   You don’t get intestinal parasites if you drink the water, it’s safe to go out at night, the doctors are pretty good, and it’s much cheaper to live in than Sydney or Melbourne.

INTERVIEWER:   Lastly, do you have any plans for a sequel to “Rolo”?

GG:   I hope so. 

"Rolo Garbardine and His 3rd Eye" will be released June 2019


Illustrator Kelly Irving


What is your process when you create a character? 

  1. I like to read the book a few times to get familiar with the character/s and storyline.

  2. I design the main character first; I like to get a feel from the author on a style or theme they prefer and then get completely absorbed in the storyline by learning all the specific details about the character and their personality.

  3. I do some rough drawings which get edited a few times before I am happy with the final design ie is their smile, smiley enough, do they have ears, are their socks the right colour?

  4. I design the front cover last, after I have become very familiar with the story and characters and feel for the book. I want to spark an interest with the reader and intrigue them to pick it up.


If you go anywhere in the world to draw, where would it be? 

I love colour, detail and authenticity. Colourful historical places, with plenty of character inspire me, for example: Cuba, Morocco, Istanbul, Mexico, St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow, India, Puerto Rico…

Typically, what inspires your art? 

 Life experiences, those I love, other like-minded individuals, colour, creative work that brings meaning

What were your favourite picture books growing up? 

Dunbi the Owl – Daisy Utemorrah

How the Birds got their Colours – Mary Albert

Grug – Ted Prior

Animalia and The Eleventh Hour - Graeme Base (for the detailed illustrations)

If Odette and Rolo hung out for the day, what would they do? 

They would go an explore mysterious places while sitting on magical chairs that fly, eating coloured popcorn while laughing and giggling at the strange things they discover.

Odette's Patchwork Cloak Cover.jpg
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