Ruby was only a child when she wrote out an ambitious plan:

Move to New York

Get an Acting Gig

Make money

She achieved it all by the age of 18. Fast forward fifteen years and Ruby's hit rock bottom. She’s broke, unemployed, and in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. Her reputation is in tatters and her career is on the line. Ruby’s publicist, Michelle, has a damage-control plan. She insists that Ruby move back to her lifeless, rural hometown in Australia to live with her dysfunctional family until the scathing headlines disappear and the scandal blows over. Despite her initial reluctance, Ruby quickly embraces the break from the bustling, cab-ridden concrete jungle. She indulges in carbs, spends quality time with her family, and reunites with her high school sweetheart. But when Ruby strikes up a romance with the mysterious guy next door, she is confronted with dirty secrets, hard truths, and is forced to make a choice   between a familiar past or an unchartered future.

And if Ruby's learned anything from her mistake, it's that one bad decision could instantly derail any well-thought-out plan.


'A Plan Unravelled' by Lia Spencer

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