When they’re not busy reading comics and eating baked beans out of the tin, the terminally unemployed Captain Doobie and Goodtime Slim like to do a bit of cash-in-hand work. This time the job seems easy enough: drive a car from Adelaide to Melbourne (even if it is a Lada). 

A pity about the mafia. 

And the pirate. 

And the milk police. 

Some days even doing one simple thing is harder than an Unemployment Case Manager’s conscience.


‘Better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish.’ 
- Captain Doobie


‘A masterpiece of the fish/belly-slapping genre.’ 
- Goodtime Slim


‘This book contains no fish and only minimal amounts of slapping.’ 
- D C White


Release Date: November 2018

'Captain Doobie, Goodtime Slim...' by DC White

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